ADHD in Business

There is a lot of attention placed on ADHD in school, but what about in business?  ADHD means “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder” and it can be as destructive in business as it is in school.

 There are a number of symptoms of ADHD in business that you should be mindful of:

 Frequent changes in business ideas.

  1. Lack of focus on key business activities.
  2. Lots on energy but few results.
  3. Focus on starting more businesses.
  4. Actively looking for partners to help with different business ideas.
  5. Calling yourself an “idea person” rather than an “action person”.
  6. Believing that each new idea will be the “Big one”.

If any of these sound a little too familiar, then you may have ADHD in Business.


The tragedy with ADHD in business is that a lot of really talented people miss out on the benefits of self employment simply because they did not recognize the traits of ADHD in business and have no idea of how to deal with them.

If you believe that you may have ADHD in business then there are two very manageable things you should do.  First create a structure for yourself to follow each day, and second create accountability to force you to follow that structure.

 The structure should be designed to make it as easy as possible for you to stay focused on your key business activities.  Break your goals down to measurable daily activities and focus on completing those activities each day.

 Make sure you identify the key success factors for your business.  These are the activities that must be completed or your business will fail.  Write out what key activities you will do each day, and place extra effort on completing them before the end of your day.

 To create accountability, you must find someone for you to be accountable to, and ask for their help.  This could be a friend, a family member, or a hired coach.  The key is to give this person the power to induce consequences if you fail to do what you said you would do.

 Even if you want to argue that you do not have ADHD in Business, by following some of these ideas for structure and accountability you are sure to get better results in building your own business.

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