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Master Hypnosis Certification

Whitby, Ontario

Master Hypnosis Certification

If you are serious about taking your Hypnosis skills to an entirely new level, and you would like to understand how the true masters of hypnosis take individuals and groups into deep hypnosis WITHOUT their active participation, then you need to learn the skills taught in the Master Hypnosis Certification.

Being a Master Hypnotist is all about being able to use hypnosis in casual conversation without the direct participation of the other person.  Can you imagine what it would be like to learn hypnosis skills so powerful that you could actually capture and lead the subconscious mind of others?  What would it be like to move beyond a person’s natural resistance to traditional hypnosis?  Wouldn’t it be great to understand how to access the subconscious mind without using a formal induction?  That is what being a Master Hypnotist is all about.

What you will learn in the Master Hypnosis Certification:

  • Build subconscious rapport with individuals or groups in seconds.
  • Communicate unconsciously using hidden human drivers
  • Hypnotic words to induce trance
  • Instant hypnosis without participation
  • Hypnotic commands imbedded into casual conversation
  • Time distortion so others believe they made the decision months ago
  • Have someone hallucinate with their eyes open
  • Time release commands to influence future behaviour
  • Plus much, much more
 The tuition for your Master Hypnosis Certification program is $500 + hst.  This includes all materials, personalized instruction, and a detailed Master Hypnotist manual.  The venue has lots of free parking and easy 401 access.

For more information on the Master Hypnosis Certification program, contact Positive Strategies at 905-231-0884 or Contact us.

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